Woodwind WIFI 36 Review – Everything You Need to Know

Grilling and smoking can be really fun if you have the right tools and know how to use them well. The Woodwind WIFI 36 is among the best and most used pellet grills today. So, what is the Woodwind WIFI 36?

Here is a review of everything you need to know about the product. Read through to understand more and decide if it is what you need for an amazing grilling or smoking experience.


The Woodwind WIFI 36 has a simple but satisfying design, ranking it among the top cooking equipment you will ever get in the market today.

It looks more like gas-powered grills in terms of shape and size, but the top is forged and molded. It is black contrasted with stainless steel making it look more appealing than ever. The pellet grill is designed with a sidekick attachment and PID Controller, making it look more special and advanced.

The larger part of the grill is steel but painted black; it is among the long-lasting and competitive grills you can find in stores today. It is made with 50 mm heavy-duty steel legs and strong jockey wheels making it solid and well-planted to the surface when used. Also, the heavy-duty legs can last for a very long period, so you can be sure to have this for an extended period.

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There is a heat diffuser inside the grill which is just above the firepot. The hopper and its lid are made from light steel painted black, they do not come into contact with heat so, and even though the steel is lightweight, there is no issue there.

Generally, the build quality and design are great, every part of the grill fits in perfectly, and the material used to make the pellet grill is strong and durable.


  • Full-color screen controller
  • 160 degrees F to 500 degrees F temperature range
  • Ash cleanout system
  • Four stainless steel probes
  • PID Controller for temperature consistency with a plus or minus 5 degrees F
  • Connect app
  • Pellet hopper cleanout
  • An adjustable smoke system
  • Cord and grease management system
  • Heavy duty legs
  • Stainless steel firebox
  • Bottom utility shelf
  • Slide and grill technology for direct grilling that goes up to 650 degrees F



Cooking area 1236 square inches
Upper rack 573 square inches
Lower rack 19.5 by 34 inches
Hopper capacity 10kgs pellets
Height 42 inches
Weight 80kgs
Side shelf 16 by 12 inches
Warranty 2 years

Advantages of the Woodwind WIFI 36 pellet grill                                                                                 

  • It is easy to clean out the collected ashes because it is equipped with an ash cleanout system.
  • The Woodwind WIFI 36 makes it easy to control and adjust the level of smoke you want on your food while cooking.
  • The pellet grill allows you to add better functionality to the grill, such as the front shelf and sidekick.
  • It has four temperature probes, unlike the many other grills equipped with one or two probes.
  • Without the sidekick on the grill can give you an excellent searing on your meat through the direct flame sider rod.


  • The pellet grill lacks a cabinet door
  • It has temperature accuracy issues

How do you use Woodwind 36?

This pellet grill is one of the easiest to use and operate. You do need to do a lot. You only need to turn on the grill, set the desired temperature and smoke level, and then leave it to do the remaining work.

The temperature probe has a simple but very effective design. It is made in such a way that it can be on use without letting smoke or heat escape from the lid gap. Also, the phone app is very useful in this because it will keep you notified of the temperature progress.

Most parts of this smoker are greatly designed to give the best performance. The ash cleanout system makes it really easy to clean the smoker and get rid of the excess ash that, when built up, might be a threat to the cooking food.

The slider rod opens the slot on the bottom of the grill’s hopper. How does it work? Just pull the rod, and the slot will slide open, letting pellets drop if you want to reduce the pellets or switch wood for a different flavor.

The slider rod is connected to the flat plate under the burn pot, where when you pull the slider rod, the plate moves, dropping burnt pot ash on the cleanout cup. While the locking plates are meant to stop the slider rods from moving when using the grill, they should only move when cleaning.

The upper rack system of the grill is very versatile and helpful when it comes to grilling. There are two half-rack systems that you can place side by side to use to use as a full rack. Also, you can slide one rack under the other so you can create more grilling area.

Lastly, there is the grill controller with a very helpful feed function. The feed function enables one to feed pellets into the grill without activating the igniter element.

Grilling and smoking performance

The Woodwind easily gives you the results you desire when it comes to grilling. The pellet grill is designed with a knob that helps the user easily set the cooking temperature.

On the other hand, the grill handle is designed to change the flame mode from direct to indirect and vice versa. When grilling with both the direct and indirect modes, you can get great results. Your meat will have a great sear on the outside, and the inside will be done to your likeness.

Smoking with the Woodwind WIFI 36 is a whole worth of experience. With this pellet grill, you can easily adjust the smoke level from one to ten to achieve your desired smoky flavor.

Is Wi-Fi on a pellet grill worth it?

The WIFI on your pellet grill is very helpful, as it enables you to be quite away from the grill and be informed on the progress of the food cooking. You can easily know if your food is done a distance away from the grill. Also, it enables you to set the temperature you want your food to cook in and an alarm to alert you in case of anything.

What is the temperature range of Camp Chef Woodwind 36?

The Woodwind WIFI 36 pellet grill can produce as low as 160 degrees and as high as 500 degrees.

Do pellet grills use a lot of electricity?

Yes, pellet grills use electricity. However, they require a very minimal amount of electricity to operate. It is normally used to feed the pellets through the auger system and operate the thermostat control.

What are the negatives of a pellet smoker?

The main con of using a pellet smoker is that it cooks at very low temperatures. The maximum temperature a pellet grill can reach is 4450 degrees F, unlike the traditional grills that go way beyond this temperature.

When cooking at these low temperatures, there are several things you are likely not to achieve, such as searing meat or making crispy wings. You will have to get this done somewhere else if it is your main goal.

Another disadvantage is that pellet grills need electricity to run efficiently, they are normally fueled by pellets that burn quickly, and they also do not produce an adequate amount of smoke for a better flavor.

Are pellet grills healthier than gas?

Pellet grills are normally healthier than gas grills. Why? Because when using a pellet grill, all the fat juices that form grease on the grill grates are instantly carried away, thus not getting closer to the food.

Can you BBQ on a pellet grill?

Yes, you can always barbecue on a pellet grill. Pellet grills are highly versatile and can do a wide variety of activities such as roasting, smoking, grilling, barbecuing, and baking.

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