Why do You Need a Cooling Rack for your Grilling Activities?

You must have had a cooling rack if you are a baker or love baking. However, if you are new and want to get one, you are in the right place. So, what is a cooling rack used for?

A cooling rack is used for cooling baked foods. It  normally functions by allowing fresh air to evenly distribute among baked foods to allow them to cool down so they can be stored right away after cooking.

You use a cooling rack by placing the baked food on the top of the wire rack when they are done from the oven. 

The wire rack allows the air to flow and circulate evenly for proper cooling. Remember, large items will always require a larger space for cooling, while smaller items will need a small space.

There is more to that. This article provides detailed information you need to know about cooling racks. Read with me to learn more.

What can I use instead of a cooling rack?

If you have already started baking but do not have a cooling rack near, there are various alternatives you could use instead of a cooling rack.

Here are some of the best alternatives to use

1. DIY cooling rack

You can make a DIY cooling rack and save a lot of money. This will also give you something for cooling your cooked foods at zero cost. How amazing!

Get a strong metal grate that cannot warp easily when exposed to high temperatures or heat, and a cutting board can be either wooden or plastic that will sit on top of the metal grate.

Ensure that the edges of the cutting board are far apart so they can give enough space for plenty of airflow below the items. However, it should be small enough that the board does not slide any time while on top of the grate.

You only need the metal grate and cutting board to start your DIY cooling tack process. Place your cooked items on top of the wooden or plastic cutting board and let them cool peacefully.

2. Wood slats

Wooden slats are another alternative for cooling baked foods without a cooling rack. They are cheap and easy to use. Therefore, you incur zero costs while you have your needs met.

You will only need to place your wooden slats on top of a table or counter, then place your baked items on top.

Leave the baked items on top of the slats to cool down but ensure they do not get soggy or exposed to excess steam. This might damage them.

An important thing to remember while doing this is that your cooked items should be placed far apart in that they get sufficient airflow and do not get soggy from the steam they produce.

3. A cooking pan and a parchment paper

A cooking pan and parchment are among the easiest alternatives for a cooling rack. Also, the sides of your baking pan can work in this. Just place it on top of a table or counter, and remember to leave room for circulation underneath the baked goods.

Place your baked foods on top of the parchment paper. Give them adequate breathing space, so they do not get soggy from the steam within.

In the case where you do not have parchment paper, you can use a cutting board. It can be either wooden or plastic, whichever is available.

4. Large plates

Large plates are another alternative that works really well. Place the items you have baked on top of an oven-friendly plate and let them sit and cool off.

Ensure your plates are close to you so you can use them immediately after you remove your items from the oven.

Let them cool down in a place with sufficient airflow. However, if you are not in any hurry, you can let them cool in an air-free area. This might take some more minutes, but they will cool off perfectly.

5. Crumpled foil rack

Another alternative to this is crumpled aluminum foil. You can use this and take it down immediately after cooling your stuff.

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You only need to crumble several aluminum foils and place them on top of the baking pan. Ensure that you cover enough, so the foil does not bunch together. Now, place your items on top of the rack and let them cool.

How to choose the best cooling rack

Before taking a cooling rack with your home, there are various factors you need to look for to ensure that you get the best to serve your needs. Here are some things to look for before buying a cooling rack:


You would want to take home a safe and dependable item. Your safety and that of your loved ones come before anything else.

Therefore, ensure that the manufacturer’s standards and quality are approved and acceptable as per how the item is going to be used.

Test first before buying. Ensure that that quality goes in hand with what you want your surroundings to be like. Confirm that the rack you take home will not by any chance affect your health or the surrounding.

Material and quality

The best quality products are always made from high-quality materials, and they give high performance. Here you need to focus on the material used to make the tool and its design, as these factors will influence its performance.

The design should suit your needs in that your food will cool down efficiently without needing to improvise other things to facilitate proper functioning.


How much does the cooling rack cost? How much were you willing to spend on buying the rack? Also, remember that the price you purchase a product directly indicates the quality and level of performance you will get.

However, it does not mean you go expensive when you can’t afford it. The point is always to get an affordable product that meets your needs in the best way possible.

Avoid too cheap cooling racks, for they might badly disappoint you in the long run. Cheaper than normal means low quality and performance. Therefore always opt for affordable but not cheap.

Reviews and ratings

Reviews are always honest opinions from consumers who have used the product before. Therefore, it is advisable to always visit the company’s website before buying.

Here you will find various reviews about the product, both negative and positive. See what people say about the product and company. This will save you time as you will not bother if there are more negative reviews concerning the product and the company.

Always buy a product with more positive reviews, even though negative reviews ensure that they do not affect your health and the product’s performance.


Which is the best brand known for making cooling racks and related items? This is the question you should ask yourself.

Conduct your research and find the best brand you can buy from. It can be online or their physical stores but ensure it is a reputable brand.

Is a cooling rack a baking rack?

No, a cooling rack is not a baking rack. However, it can always be used as a baking rack by just putting it in the oven. But ensure that it is not nonstick.

The bottom line

A cooling rack can do more than just cooling baked foods; it can as well cool meat and other foods based on the design and material used to make it. Also, not every cooling rack can be used in an oven. Some designs can be used there while others can’t, so confirm before you use yours.

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