Porterhouse Vs T Bone Steak: Which One Is Better?      

Porterhouse vs T-bone steaks are two very common meat cuts. Even though they seem to be the same, they aren’t at all. To differentiate between T-bone and porterhouse steaks clearly, there are several guidelines to help you. So, between Porterhouse Vs T Bone Steak, which one is better?

When compared to T-bone, porterhouse steaks often have more filet. A porterhouse steak should be about 1.25 inches thick in size. They are taken from the thick tenderloin at the back of the short loin. Their size makes cooking them take only a short  time. It is a good alternative for one or two individuals, but it’s not ideal for cooking for a large party.

Personal tastes and preferences always have an influence on the choice between T-bone steak and porterhouse steak. However, this article will help you with the proper guidelines you need to know when choosing between porterhouse vs T bone steak.                              

Porterhouse steak

Porterhouse steak has a large tenderloin muscle which is the main thing distinguishing it from the T bone. The steak is cut from the meeting point of the top loin and tenderloin. It is even simple to identify where it is cut from because if you remove the bone from the steak and cut it in two, you will get the top loin and tenderloin.

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This also means that porterhouse steak is always large and can feed a large group of people, making it the best option for many people. In addition, you can serve it whole or sliced, depending on how you like it best. When the prices of porterhouse and T bone are compared, the latter is more expensive per ounce, making porterhouse steak cheaper at the end of the day.   

T bone steak                     

T bone steaks tend to be smaller when compared with the porterhouse steak. It is cut from the saddle, and its T-like bone makes it easy to identify the cut. The bone separates the sirloin and tenderloin from both sides of the steak. The T bone steak side with sirloin tends to be fatter and bigger. Therefore, if you do not cook them well, you might not cook other sides.

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The steak is well cooked on the grill, sliced against the grain, left to rest for some time, and enjoyed with your favorite side dish.

When served alone, a T bone steak has a meaty flavor similar to that New York strip, which also has the filet mignon’s renowned softness. Given that it originates from the region of the animal’s spine with the fewest used muscles, the hefty price tag reflects its location on the animal. Although it’s not rare to see 1.5- to 2-inch-thick steaks, T-bones are typically cut at least an inch thick.                    

What is a T bone vs porterhouse?

Porterhouse and T bone are almost the same thing. The only big difference they show is that the T bone is normally the smaller version of porterhouse. Therefore, they are the same but different sizes. However, despite being almost similar, the T bone is becoming popular today because of its small size and ease of cooking. Furthermore, they contain more tenderloin, which makes them soft and easy to cook. The T-shaped bone in T bone makes it very easy to identify the cut from the rest of the cuts.

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T bone is derived from the short loin with the New York strip on the longer side of the steak, while on the smaller side of the steak, you get the tenderloin. Another thing about the T bone steak is that when you remove meat from the bone, it can be sliced to give filet mignon steak, but if the meat remains connected to the bone, you will have your mother cut; the T bone. However, this does not happen with a porterhouse steak.

The main difference between the T bone and the porterhouse depends on the tenderloin, whereas the porterhouse is made of bigger filet meat cuts. For instance, a normal T bone weighs 20 oz. While the porterhouse weighs about 26 oz. Giving the two a difference of around 6 oz. for the two, it is always recommended to grill them rather than cook them on a pan to maintain their flavor and ensure that they cook to perfection.

Porterhouse Vs T Bone Steak – Differences

Source and size

The filet size can help you determine the differences between the porterhouse and T bone steaks. Porterhouse normally contains more filets making it the larger cut among the two steaks. T bone, on the other hand, has less filet and is thus small. Porterhouse steak is about 1.25 inches thick because of its cut location, the short loin with a lot of tenderloin. While the T bone is thinner than this because it comes from the saddle with very little tenderloin.


T bone steaks are the easiest to recognize because they contain a T-shaped bone with flesh on both sides. Also, they have less tenderloin meat and, in most cases, are sliced closer to the front. Porterhouse steak is different from the T bone steak because of its thickness. It has more tenderloin. However, the steaks contain the T bone, and the porterhouse has strip steak in abundance and tenderloin on the other side. The only best way to distinguish the two is their size, they tend to look very similar, but the porterhouse is always larger than the T bone.


The shape of T bone steak is best cooked on a grill. Here is why grilling ensures that the tenderloin remains soft and yummy, while the fatty pieces ensure that the meat is wet and juicy. The bone is shaped to give the eater sufficient grip while flipping the cut without cutting through the meat. The T bone steak needs less marinades and cooking time. Season with salt and pepper and then oil with a little oil.

Porterhouse steak, on the other hand, can also be best cooked over a hot cast iron pan on a stove. Ensure that you start the pan hot so that a sear can be created at the porterhouse’s surface. When cooking porterhouse, you need more time to prepare because it is large and contains more flesh; therefore, based on how you want it cooked, you will need more time for this. In addition, there is something that never changes when cooking the porterhouse steak, only season it with salt and pepper.                   

Porterhouse steak vs T bone which is better      

Overall, porterhouse steak contains more filet than T bone, making them the best option for a group of people. The choice between the two steaks highly depends on the Tastes and preferences of the person. Still, it is fair to say that T bone is the best option for one person dinner, and a porterhouse is perfect for parties or an extended family dinner.

The two steaks have different cook times due to their size. For instance, the T bone will take less cooking time than you expect the porterhouse to take. This is due to the amount of meat present in each steak. The T bone is smaller than the porterhouse.


Determining which steak is better depends on personal preferences. You will find someone choosing T bone over porterhouse and vice versa. The texture and taste of T bone and porterhouse are almost the same, the only difference that should affect your decision is the size. If you are cooking for only yourself, choose the T bone, but if you have company, then the porterhouse is what you need.

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