Kamado Joe Classic III Review – Everything You Should Know

Grilling can be really fun if you have the right grill. The Kamado Joe Classic III is one of the most trusted and versatile grills ever to exist. Any person who has used it before or still uses it can testify that it is long-lasting and performs better every time.

This article explains all you should know about the Kamado Joe Classic III. If you are thinking of which grill to get, read this; after that, you will know what you need.


The Kamado Joe Classic III design is close to the traditional Kamado Joe grill. It is in an egg shape with the outside painted red. It is actually unique from all the other grills. The grill is simple and classic, something most people can’t stop admiring.

The front of the grill has two locking casters. Once you assemble and set up the grill, it is so easy to use, and the more you use it, the better you become.

The stainless steel charcoal basket has a divider that enables the user to fill one side with more charcoal and the other with less. This is normally known as the divide and conquer system, where you now create two cooking areas. With this, you can sear something on one side and move it to the other to cook.

It also has a SloRoller hyperbolic chamber that can easily turn the grill into a smoker. It is designed in such a way that it allows air to circulate in the form of a cyclonic smoke ring within the grill grates. The more smoke is allowed to circulate in the grill grates it improves heat distribution in all spots. This makes your food have an intense smoky flavor.

Lastly, the bottom of the grill stand has some space to tuck away the SloRoller.

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The following are features of the Kamado Joe Classic III:

  • The Kamado Joe Classic III is designed with a heat-resistant ceramic that is excellent at retaining an adequate amount of heat for more hours. This feature makes it possible for one to do low and slow cooking at temperatures starting from 225 degrees F. Also, it can cook foods that need high heat of up to 700 degrees F
  • It is made with a built-in thermometer that helps you monitor the cooking temperatures.
  • Fiberglass mesh gasket that locks the dome shut and a stainless steel latch that seals that traps in all the smoke, juice, and heat for efficient cooking
  • A conquer system and a divider made with stainless steel grates whose main purposes are to manage the distance between food and coals, making it easy to cook in direct and indirect heating and providing more space for proper grilling.
  • Eighteen inches diameter grill grate, providing more space to put even large pieces of meat. It also has two foldable side shelves that create more space for ingredients or resting.
  • The grill is designed with a hinge system that reduces the weight you feel when opening and closing the vault and also prevents slamming.
  • A SloRoller system ensures there is even circulation throughout the grill when cooking foods that require temperatures of below 500 degrees F.


Here are several accessories that can pair well with the Kamado Joe Classic III:


A Joetisserie is a type of grill insert that can be put between the vault and the base of your grill and turn your Kamado grill into some rotisserie spit. This accessory is the best choice for roasting poultry or grilling prime ribs.

Cast iron grates & griddle

If you love deep sears on your meat and other grilled food, you will need this accessory. It can also help you perfectly make bacon and pancakes on your grill. They perfectly fit into the three-tier divide, so you can effectively use them.


with this accessory, you can turn your grill into a charcoal oven that WiFi can control. It connects to the vent below your grill, and with the Kamado Joe app on your smartphone, you can easily control the grill’s internal temperature to align with what you are cooking.


This is another accessory that can turn your grill into a pizza oven. It goes in between the vault and your grill’s base, thus creating a space that enables you to slide your pizza through.

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Advantages and disadvantages


  • It is made with high-quality ceramic elements
  • Excellent at smoking, slow and low cooking
  • It has a lifetime warranty for all its parts
  • Highly versatile as it can cook, smoke, roast, and grill


  • It is expensive
  • The grill needs a large space, and it is also heavy
  • Not good for beginners

Is it worth buying a Kamado grill?

Yes, it is worth buying a Kamado grill. They are normally a bit expensive, but ensure you are getting what you are paying for. Most people using this grill have rated it high, meaning it performs best.

What is so special about Kamado Joe?

Kamado Joe grills are unique because they use lump charcoal or real charcoal as their fuel instead of traditional charcoal, lighter fluid, or presoaked charcoal. This means your food will get a natural smoky flavor from the smoke produced by real charcoal, not lighter fluid smoke.

How long will a Kamado grill last?

A Kamado Joe grill can last for a lifetime, most grills are known to last for about ten years, but for the Kamado Joe, you will have it serving you forever. Now you understand why they are more expensive than gas grills because once you buy them, that is it. You will not need to return to the store for a grill for a lifetime.

Why is Kamado Joe better than Green Egg?

The cooking approach makes Kamado Joe way better than the Green Egg. The Kamado Joe grills have two levels, that is, the divide and conquer racks which are for professional cooking of various types of proteins that need different amounts of heat simultaneously.

Can I use my Kamado Joe in the rain?

Yes, you can use Kamado Joe in the rain as they are safe for outdoor use, and also, the ceramic Kamado Joe grills are not affected by rain or cold weather. However, it is always recommended to use a grill cover, especially when your grill is not in use for protection.

Can I use regular charcoal in Kamado Joe?

Yes, you can use regular charcoal in Kamado Joe. However, it should be hardwood lump charcoal. Charcoal briquettes can also work in the Kamado Joe grill, but there are better options.

How long does a Kamado Joe take to heat up?

It takes 10 to 15 minutes for Kamado Joe to heat up. However, you should remember that charcoal can take some time before reaching your desired temperature. However, you can easily speed up the process by placing the lid on the grill and giving it about ten minutes to heat up. Use a thermometer for measuring the internal temperature of your grill if there is a need.

Is Kamado Joe a smoker?

The Kamado Joe grill can be used as a grill or a smoker. So it is fair to say that it is a smoker as much as it is a grill.

Why are kamado grills so popular?

The fact that Kamado grills are versatile and long-lasting makes them popular in today’s market and the grilling world. You can grill, roast, smoke, and cook everything together or separately. In addition, it has excellent temperature control ability, where it can retain heat for 12 hours and more.

What country is Kamado Joe made in?

Kamado Joe grills are made in China. For the past ten years, Kamado Joe has been the fastest-growing brand in the grill industry.

The bottom line

The Kamado Joe Classic III is a great versatile grill to get for many different cooking purposes. Its heat retention ability is top tier and thus gives your food the best natural smoky flavor you desire. It is quite expensive, but once you get it, you will realize it is worth its cost. You can also check out Traeger Pro 575 Review.

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