Griddle Vs. Grill: [Which is Better?]

In most cases, people mistake a griddle for a grill or a grill for a griddle. The two are very different from one another. They use different cooking methods and approaches. So, griddle vs. grill, which one should you get?

Grills and griddles can be used to cook similar foods like burgers and eggs. However, grills are the best option when cooking foods like meat because they ensure your food is cooked to the level of doneness you desire and also impart a smoky flavor to your steak.

There are various foods that are well cooked on a griddle, while others are better made on the grill. Thus, it is crucial to have a good distinction between the two before making up your mind. A grill gives you more options for food to cook. Read with me to learn more about griddle vs. grill.

Griddle Vs. Grill – Complete Comparison

What is a grill?

First, there are two types of grills. The first is made from steel plates and ridges or solid iron, while the other is made from bars designed to hold food over open flames directly. The latter is what is used most in barbecues. The solid grills are made with ridges arranged in a row that allow heat to pass through to the food while grease and oil are let to run down between the ridges.

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Food cooked in grills always has beautiful grill marks, which most people love seeing in their foods. They are not only beautiful, but also they make the meat or veggies delicious. Also, grills allow a smoky flavor to infuse your food. Thus, you will be enjoying a delicious meal with your favorite smoky flavor.

What is a griddle?

So, what is a griddle? This is like a flat hot plate with a very smooth metal surface. It has its heat source directly underneath it. Thus it allows the food to cook directly using the heat coming from underneath. In short, this is like a huge frying pan that has no handles and also has its source of heat.

Griddles are designed to be rectangular. They are available in many different sizes based on the user’s preferences. For instance, there are larger sizes that can even fit in a huge restaurant and others very small to only sit on top of a table. So, it all depends on your needs.

Griddles are more advantageous because they have flat surfaces that make it easier to make almost every meal with them, ranging from eggs, pancakes, and hamburgers, among many others. On the other hand, grills can be tricky because the holes between the ridges require you to be more careful and creative when grilling non-meat foods.

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Here is the comparison between the two.


Temperature is the most crucial thing that everyone considers before they cook anything. Every food has a specific temperature at which it should be cooked. Therefore, before you decide whether to take home a grill or a griddle, you need to know their temperature retention and how high they can go.

When grills are heated well, they can reach as high as 400 degrees F. This allows you to cook a wide variety of foods. Moreover, it enables you to use different cooking methods, as some of these are designed with heat adjustments where you can increase the temperature or reduce it based on what you need.

Now you can easily sear, grill, get beautiful grill marks, and have your food fully infused with the amount of smoke you need. On the other hand, griddles have a limited level of temperature they should meet, that is, 350 degrees F.

This shows that with a griddle, you will be unable to make your steak and other steak-like foods perfectly. A griddle limits you due to the temperature limit it can reach, whereas a steak cooked on a grill tends to be overcooked on the outside and undercooked inside.

Fuel selection

Griddles are normally meant to be used on electricity or gas. Thus you will never use wood pellets, charcoal, or gas on a griddle. You can use electricity at home, and if you are traveling, you can go for gas on your griddle.

On the other hand, the grill has a wide range of fuel to use. They are made to give users a wide range of options. Some have all the options in one, while others are meant for gas, electricity, or charcoal. Therefore you choose a grill based on the fuel you will be using.


Many always think a griddle gives them more options than a grill does. However, the truth is you can cook as many different foods on the grill as you can on the griddle. The grill surface could be more welcoming to items like eggs and hamburgers, but the good thing is that you can place your frying pan on top of the grill and cook your favorite foods.

You can also buy a griddle attachment meant for grills; with this, you will have two worlds in one. You will enjoy the benefits of both griddle and grill. For a griddle, you are only limited to cooking the foods it is favorable for because they have never been a grill attachment for a griddle.

A griddle has a very smooth flat surface, making it easy for you to make breakfast and other simpler meals. However, if you want to make baked beans forget about it! Also, the surface of a grill is small unless it is a restaurant-type one, meaning you will only cook a few meals at a time, while grills give you a large surface to cook multiple foods at a time.

Ability to control grease

One thing we know is that the food you cook on the grill tends to be healthier than on a griddle. Why? Because when cooking, the grill has spaces that allow grease and oils to drop off your food. Unlike the griddle, which does not have this feature, it only has a flat surface for cooking.

In addition, it is easier to reuse your grill without intense cleaning. Since you only need to scrape the food materials off the metal surface, you are set to go. For a griddle, you must seriously clean the surface after every cooking session.

Are steaks better on a grill or griddle?

Steaks are better cooked on a grill than on a griddle. As mentioned earlier, a griddle has a maximum temperature of 350 degrees F, while a grill has up to 400 degrees F. Furthermore, steaks taste better when infused with a smoky flavor, which can only be achieved if you cook them on a grill.

Can you cook a burger on a griddle?

Yes, you can always cook burgers on a griddle. Actually, most burger chefs prefer griddles for burgers more than any grills and the others. The flat surface gives enough heat that it can be seared, remain round, and perfectly cooked.

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Can you use a griddle like a grill?

Yes, you can use a griddle like a grill for grilling. However, the results won’t be exactly how they could be on the grill. For instance, food cooked on a griddle does not come out with grill marks, so, yes, you can use a griddle like a grill but not to perfection.

Is griddle healthier than grill?

No, a grill is healthier than a griddle. As we said earlier, a grill allows excess grease and oils to flow down the grates’ spaces. Thus you will be eating less oily foods cooked on the grill. The griddle retains the oils and grease, which soak back into the food.


Which is better, the griddle or the grill? There is no correct answer to this. It is like comparing a fork with a spoon. Your choice depends on what you aim at cooking mostly. However, a grill will work better since it can be attached to a griddle attachment and infuses a smoky flavor into your food.

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