Does Propane Gas Go Bad? [WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW]

Most people love grilling and cooking with Propane because it ignites faster and lasts longer. But does propane gas go bad? 

Propane gas does not go bad. This gas is usually compressed and stored in liquid form, which gives it a very long shelf life and can be used for grilling, cooking food, and heating. The expiration date on propane storage tanks does not explain the expiry date of Propane, but it only tells when to exchange the tank.

There is more you need to learn about propane gas. Read on for more details about Propane.

What is Propane?

Propane is commonly called Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). It is an odorless, non-toxic, colorless gas that has been compressed and stored in its liquid form inside specified tanks. Also, it is a by-product of petroleum refining or natural gas processing.

What does natural gas processing involve? The process involves the removal of Propane, butane, and ethane from raw gas in large amounts so that they cannot condense in natural gas pipes. Also, Propane can be a by-product of the cracking process, which involves the conversion of petroleum to gasoline or heating oil.

What is Propane Gas Used for?

Propane is used for many purposes, both residential and commercial. For instance, you can use it for cooking, gas fireplaces, water heating, home heating, and as the primary energy source.

For outdoor purposes, Propane can be the perfect fuel for BBQs, lighting, pool heaters, outdoor kitchens, backup generators, patio heaters, and even outdoor camping kitchens. This is possible because propane tanks are efficient, powerful, and portable. Also, some people use Propane as vehicle fuel, popularly called propane autogas.

Apart from home, propane gas is used for commercial and construction purposes in propane-powered equipment such as concrete grinders, lawnmowers, polishers, and forklifts, among many other appliances.

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Does Propane go Bad When Stored?

Propane gas does not go bad when stored. This gas is known to be very different from the other fuel gases that go bad after some time of use or storage. Once compressed and stored in tanks, it can burn for decades without going bad. You will only be expected to change the tank. In other words, it is the tank that stores propane gas that expires.

As mentioned earlier, these tanks always have an expiration date on the outside. You should know that this date does not mean the gas has expired, but it reminds you of when you should change your tank. The tank is the only thing that can be inspected and changed, as the gas is always good.

When Does Propane go Bad?

This is among the most frequently asked questions. The most straightforward answer is that Propane can last for over three decades. It tends to be among the few most storage-friendly, resilient, and stable energy sources available. The fact that it does not have an expiration date means that your gas won’t degrade or reduce its performance rate.

Shelf Life Propane

The shelf life of Propane is among the things that make it a reliable gas. It rates top among all other gas fuels such as diesel and gasoline. Further, Propane is usually reused for both residential and commercial purposes.

All other fuel sources have a limited shelf life, but Propane lasts up to 30 years when well stored in its tanks. This is almost saying that Propane does not have a limited shelf life. However, the tanks used for propane storage are the ones that might affect the gas’ shelf life.

Propane’s Unlimited Shelf Life.

As mentioned before, the storage tanks for Propane are the ones that can limit its shelf life. However, three decades is still very long for a fuel gas to stay viable, considering that the other gases have a concise shelf life. Even if Propane gets exposed to other elements, it does not downgrade or perform less than expected.

Apart from being reliable, Propane is associated with many other benefits, such as being odorless and clean. Consequently, most people today prefer using Propane over other cheap fuel gases. Also, its longevity makes it easy to transport and store.

Does Propane go Bad in a Tank?

The shortest answer to this is, No. Propane does not go bad in a tank. Even when the tank expires, Propane can still be used and does not degrade even when exposed. Therefore, you should never be worried about Propane. Instead, focus on checking and changing the propane tank once every ten years.

How Long Does a Propane Tank Last?

A propane tank’s shelf life varies from brand to country, among many other factors. However, in most states, a propane tank can last for up to years from the day of manufacture. For instance, it can last for up to ten years in Canada. When a tank expires, it does not mean that the Propane stored inside has also gone bad. It is only the tank that needs to be checked and changed.

Thus, the law states that every gas tank should be inspected and recertified every ten years. The expiry date you will see on the gas tank is a restriction that prevents one from long-term use. Often, you will find that propane suppliers do not refill a tank that has not been recertified for over ten years.

How to Know When your Propane Tank is Expired

You do not need to call a technician to help you find the tank’s expiration date. It is simple as long as you know the date of manufacture, and you can find it stamped on the tanks’ collars. It starts with the month and then the year. With this information, you can do your maths and know whether your tank is up to date or if you need to change it.

There are propane tanks you will find with an E at the end of the date of manufacture. This means that they are requalified. Apart from the date of manufacture and requalification, the weight and water content are also labeled on the tank. Therefore, you should be careful not to confuse the dates from the TW rating.

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What to do When your Tank is Expired

When you check the propane tank and find out it has reached expiration, don’t panic because there are ways to solve this. It would help to pick either of the following:

Apply for a Requalification

If your tank is still in perfect condition with no rust or leaks, you can apply for requalification and have the tank recertified. An expert inspects the tank to see whether it is still in good condition. They highly consider the safety features, propane tank laws in your region, and the date of manufacture. If all these are fine, they can extend the expiry date for five more years.

Replace the Tank

When you realize the tank is deplorable and cannot be recertified, you can replace it or get a new one. You can find many different tanks out there. It could be better if you contact an expert to help you get a better one.

Final Thoughts

Propane gas is ubiquitous today. Consequently, you must understand every essential detail about this gas and storage tank before getting involved. If you are new to this gas, you should not be worried about anything because it is safe to use at home and in commercial applications.

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