Best BBQ in Nairobi

Best BBQ in Nairobi – Everything You Need to Know

If you are new in Nairobi, then getting the best BBQ for delicious Nyama Choma might be a bit challenging. While Kenyans love BBQ, not every joint will provide you with the best experience, and that is why we are here to sample a few joints that will definitely make your experience worth remembering.

The Greenspot Gardens, Red House Grill, Carnivore Simba Salon, The Smith, Kamakis, Olepolos, and Quiver Lounge are some of the best places to get a delicious Nyama Choma. Once you are in one of these restaurants, you can be sure that your urge for delectable and juicy Nyama choma will be met.

While enjoying well-prepared meat is always enjoyable, there is that one joint you will go and get everything wrong and probably end up spoiling your day. That is why you need to be selective when it comes to deciding on the best joint. Read on for more details on what makes a BBQ joint better than another one.

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How to Identify a Great BBQ Joint

One of the common challenges that many people face whenever they want to satisfy their desire for a delicious BBQ is how to identify the right BBQ joint. There are numerous factors that you need to check before making your decision.

The Reputation of the Joint

Reputation is such an important consideration because it tells you a lot, including the likelihood of you getting the most delicious foods. Firstly, a BBQ joint can only be popular in Nairobi if it provides delicious meat while at the same time offering quality services to the clients.

Secondly, the popularity of a BBQ joint is a clear indication that you have a higher chances of consuming fresh meats. Unpopular joints can have foods that have stayed for several days, and this will present it to you as fresh because all they want is to make money.

Lastly, a popular joint provides an opportunity to improve your social life as you are likely to meet people from different backgrounds.

The Side Dishes

Another quality of a good BBQ joint is that it has all the right side dishes. For a typical Kenyan, there is no better side dish for Nyama Choma than Ugali. If ugali is not your vibe, then ensure that you choose a joint with a variety of side dishes.

Perfectly Prepared Meat

The quality of the meat is essential. As a matter of fact, a good BBQ simply means excellent flavor with enough BBQ sauces. The good thing with most of the BBQ joints in Nairobi is that they always want to give you a test of their meat to persuade you to buy. Additionally, they should have a variety of smoked meat, including ribs, brisket, pulled pork etc.

8 BBQ Joints in Nairobi with Delectable Meats

If you are looking for a delicious nyama choma, then you will not be disappointed with any of the following BBQ joints in Nairobi.

1. Green Spot Gardens

If you are close to the Eastern Bypass in Ruiru, Nairobi, then the Green Spot Gardens is your best bet for a flavorful BBQ meat. On the weekends, you will find many people looking forward to having a taste of the delicious grilled meats. The delectable nature of meats smoked here will leave you yearning for more. Furthermore, the prices here are quite pocket-friendly.

2. Red House Grill

The quality of the smoked meats in the Red House Grill is out of this world. The time and expertise that they invest towards preparing their foods will give you a hint of what your taste buds should expect.

The good reputation associated with this grill makes different people in the city flock to it. Therefore, even though it has enough parking spaces, sometimes vehicles are parked on the roadside. Despite the high price tag on the meat here, most city dwellers find it the best joint for delicious and tasty grilled meat with a variety of side dishes.

3. Carnivore Simba Salon

If you are planning to visit a Nyama Choma joint in Nairobi with a team, then Carnivore Simba Salon has the deals that will make it cheap for you. For instance, during peak seasons, you only pay for two for every three people eating in the joint.

Further, here you will find a variety of nyama choma, including whole beef, spare ribs, pork, lamb racks, crocodiles, fish, and even chicken wings all roasted using indigenous-prepared charcoal to impart delicious flavors. This is a place to visit if you need to immerse yourself into the deep nyama choma culture of Kenyans.

4. The Smith

The Smith Nyama Choma is located along Magadi road in Ongata Rongai, and it is known as one of the best BBQ joint within the area. If you are around Ongota Rongoi and want to dig into delectable and well-prepared Mbuzi, then The Smith joint will serve you well.

5. Kamakis

If you live along Thika Road, then you probably know Kamakis as the best joint for Nyama Choma. This is a place where you will find tens of chama choma spots with attendants who will be compelling you to bite their piece so that you can buy from their spot.

Despite the high number of people, the quality of the meat here is worth the chaos that precedes a stop to satisfy one’s need for smoked meat.

6. Olepolos

Olopolos is situated within the outskirts of Nairobi, in Kiserian, Kajiado country. There is much difference between Olopols and Kamakis, other than the beautiful sceneries that Olopolos offer due to its ideal location. If you want a joint in the outskirts of Nairobi where you can relax while enjoying your favorite smoked meat, then this is the place to visit.

7. Quiver Lounge

Quiver Lounge is also located along Thika Road and is best known for its tender and delicious nyama choma. If you are along Thika Road and would love to treat yourself to delicious smoked meat, then you can Pounce on Quiver’s Nyama Choma.

8. Njuguna’s Place

Njuguna’s Place is another great BBQ joint in Nairobi that never disappoints when it comes to offering quality meat. The place has been in existence for many years and continues to flourish due to its delicious and tender smoked meat.

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