Greetings to all the rovers and BBQ enthusiasts out there!

My name is Courtney, a culinarian by profession, and I created this blog to share my grilling experience. I love exploring and hosting grilling parties. Most importantly, the urge to share my experience with fellow grilling fans developed when I noticed how my friends and family relied upon me to offer grilling comfort. Whenever we have a special occasion or camping together in the wild, I always take the lead.

Who We Are

Our team comprises three dedicated barbecue enthusiasts; Courtney, Liz, and Davin. Both Liz and Davin have beautiful careers in the hospitality industry. The two have always proved resourceful in allowing us to share our grilling skills through bbqrover.com.

BBQROVER.COM is your one-stop shop for any information and tips for an extraordinary meal for your family members or friends anywhere. If you are wondering whether you can smoke eggs with eggshells on or without the eggshells, we always have every answer to your question. Sometimes, it is about determining the best seasoning. A few clicks and you have a solution to your queries.

Our Mission

We sincerely hope that you leave with everything necessary for a smooth barbecue adventure whenever you visit our site for tips and more information. In addition, we want you to be more impressed with the results every time you fire up your grill than before coming into contact with our website.

While grilling is an ideal way of bringing friends and family together, it is a science in an art form. Thus, to avoid costly mistakes during your grilling ventures, you must practice and ensure that you are well informed before approaching any grilling ventures.

Further, we feel obligated to ensure that you have all the necessary tools to guarantee a superb grilling experience. Therefore, we will provide a comprehensive list of all the best equipment that any grilling enthusiasts should have at their disposal.

How We Do It

Barbecue requires time and patience coupled with meticulous planning. Even if you intend to smoke a few bratwursts, you must plan ahead to ensure everything runs correctly. In addition to extensive research, we try the recipes and the information herein before providing them for your consumption. So anytime you visit our site, you get quality and resourceful information to better your grilling ventures.

We hope you have a fun and industrious time interacting with BBQrover.com. We are glad you stopped by and sincerely hope you will keep coming back.

Courtney Hosek